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Trademark assignment

Trademark assignment

If you want to grant a licence of use to others for business purposes or transfer the trademark from your company to yourself after being granted the trademark rights, you need a trademark assignment.

Though it is generally acknowledged that trademark right can be shared with others through different ways and that you may not continue your career in this company, as a business owner, you may naturally want to protect your trademark, which has a considerable value. Therefore, trademark assignment is your best choice in order to ensure the proper exercise of trademark rights. Please find below the essential procedure for arranging recordal of assignment of trademark for your reference.

Essential information includes:
1. Trademark information
2. Basic information of the transferor and the transferee
3. Trademark assignment agreement (co-assigned by both parties)
4. Registration form of alteration items

The above are the essential information for the assignment of trademark. However, the devil is hidden in the details. For example, when you will need to provide the proof of duty payment of certain tax, how the value of the trademark can be ascertained, when you will need to provide the proof of non-purchase, or which kind of information the National Taxation Bureau requires to obtain the proof of duty payment.

To put it simple, trademark assignment is not a particularly difficult procedure. However, the tedious steps may frustrate business owners like you. Therefore, finding a competent trademark agency is the best choice you can ever make in your business journey. We will customize the trademark assignment procedure you need, and at the same time provide you with everything you need to prepare and all documents you need to sign. This will save you a lot of time and help your business to thrive.

To conclude, despite the fact that trademark assignment is a very common procedure in Taiwan, your application may be rejected and returned by the authority and you will be requested to make amendment in the occurrence of any single mistake, such as a failure to provide a document failure to fill in a date on the document. Therefore, attention must be paid on the details, so that you can prevent your application being rejected and returned in the course of examination.

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