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There are a wide variety of trade mark classes, how should I choose?

There are a wide variety of trade mark classes, how should I choose?

In Taiwan Trade Mark application, class 1 to class 34 belong to “goods”, class 35 to class 45 belong to “services”. Such information could be found in the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office Search System. Nonetheless, which classes are the ones you need the most or the closest to what you want?

Firstly, as companies and enterprises who wish to apply trade mark or persons who want to start a business, you must first have some concepts on what products are to be sold. It is a great learning to search for the products that one wishes to sell from the lists of products in those classes. It is especially crucial to select the desired products from standardized products.

For example, croquette belongs to Class 30 under the examination standards of the Intellectual Property Office, but it cannot be searched in the items of the Intellectual Property Office, what should we do now? After all, Croquette is common food in our daily lives! In such case, professional agents can help you resolve your problems.

It looks as if the Taiwan Trademark Classification Table has many goods and services, but it does not necessarily entail the goods or services in your mind. In this case, professional agents could focus on the products that you sold and make the most accurate and precise selections and judgments. Even if what you have selected are non-standardized products, it might still be accepted by the Intellectual Property Office by the agents’ skills and tactics, which are trained and accumulated by handling cases for years.

By knowing the products you wish to sell, we can precisely read and understand the services you might provide, and give you practical suggestions that help you maximize the scope of protection of your trademark and consolidate the protection of your trademark rights, company or personal brand name.

In conclusion, if you are familiar with what you want to sell and ready to file a trademark application; but not sure about which classes of goods and/or services you need to choose, please feel free to contact us. We will use our professional angle to offer the most practical and customary advice that could save much of your time!

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