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20.07.2020 | Trademarking in other countries

Trademarking in other countries Trademark registration is territorial. In other ... MORE

13.07.2020 | BBC, the Greatest Broadcaster of the World, Sues Chinese Language Company for Trademark Infringement.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is the oldest national broadcaster in... MORE

06.07.2020 | Japanese Motor Giant Win a Landmark OEM Infringement Case in China

By the end of 2019, China’s Supreme People’s Court made a final judg... MORE

29.06.2020 | The renowned apparel and household products Brand “MUJI” has encountered setback in a recent law suit in China

Japanese retailer MUJI has lost an appeal against a Chinese court ruling that ru... MORE

22.06.2020 | The Luxury Brand “Chanel” has encountered setback in a recent infringement action in China

The luxury Brand Chanel Co., Ltd (“Chanel”) has failed a recent trademark infrin... MORE

21.06.2020 | A series on the characteristics of South Korea Design Patent System

A series on the characteristics of South Korea Design Patent System Introduction... MORE

15.06.2020 | The Lovely Peppa Pig Has Received Favorable Treatment in Trademark Protection in China

In recent years, due to the rapid development of international economic and cult... MORE

08.06.2020 | Restoration of Removed Trademark Registrations in Hong Kong

If the owner of the trademark registration fails to pay the Hong Kong trademark ... MORE

10.05.2020 | Opposition to Hong Kong Trademark Application

Oppositions should be filed within 3 months beginning from the date of publicati... MORE

10.05.2020 | (Part3) Litigation manual for intellectual property cases involving E-commerce platform

Wrongful notice and malicious notice “Wrongful notice: refers to an act of issui... MORE

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