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Taiwan : Do you need a patent, trademark, or copyright?

Do you need a patent, trademark, or copyright?

The intellectual property rights have become the mainstream trend in the world which is full of intangible assets. However, the most noticeable things are patents, trademarks and copyrights. In a daily life, we often see the term “infringement” on TV, and the party who infringes the rights is required to pay a large amount of compensation. By view of this point, are intellectual property rights very important to you? I think the answer is definitely yes, because if someone infringes your rights, you can take legal action to claim a remedy and obtain compensation. Therefore, to be the registered owner of intellectual property rights is very important for persons and companies.

From the perspective of protection, when you invent a patent, you naturally hope that the invention will be protected by the law to achieve the effect of protecting your rights. It is unacceptable if your invention was plagiarized or infringed by others. Therefore, as a professional agent, we certainly recommend that as long as you make an invention or create an art work, you should immediately apply for patents or designs to obtain legal protection.

In fact, patents, trademarks, and copyrights are the results of the developing progress of the society. From a professional point of view, the world is still developing together with continuous innovation, so it is becoming more obvious to protect the intellectual property rights. Take a trademark as an example. If you registered a trademark and you found your trademark was fraudulently used by others, you can submit your claim to the relevant authorities to enforce your rights. Especially the e-commerce channels are becoming more and more popular whereas the epidemic in 2020 was severe, if your patent, trademark, or copyright is found to be fraudulently used by others on the e-commerce channel, you can directly report to the e-commerce management department, and provide relevant evidences to prevent others from using your intellectual property. It is an example of protecting one’s own rights.

In other words, global trade and Internet commerce are booming in the whole world, anyone has opportunities to infringe your patents, trademarks or copyrights. If you don’t apply for the registration of your intellectual property promptly, you may lose your rights. However, when you have the concept of “intellectual property”, you may recover it if your rights are infringed. You may search relevant information in the Taiwan Intellectual Property Bureau or seek a legal advice from a lawyer to file a lawsuit for prohibiting others from infringement and obtaining compensation to your damages.

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