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04.05.2020 | Filing Basis-Statement of Use in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, a trademark can be registered if it is already in use or if there ... MORE

01.05.2020 | Nature of Adverse Possession Claim

Many people perceive that adverse possession claim is merely a registration proc... MORE

27.04.2020 | Brief introduction of GUI design patent protection

There are two kinds of views in relation to the object of the GUI design patent ... MORE

20.04.2020 | Records of the Customs’ protection of intellectual property right and case handling procedures

Recordation of the Customs’ protection of intellectual property right is e... MORE

19.04.2020 | Possibility of Having Adverse Possession

In Hong Kong, especially in New Territories, many lands have been abandoned. The... MORE

19.04.2020 | The Burden of Proof of Adverse Possession

A claim of adverse possession can be very severe as it requires the court to tra... MORE

19.04.2020 | Can Public Area Within The Building Be Possessed By Adverse Possession?

Hong Kong’s land is expensive and the residential area is not big enough.  ... MORE

06.04.2020 | Implications of Combination Technique in Invalidity of Design Patent

The second paragraph of Article 23 of the Patent Law of the People’s Repub... MORE

09.03.2020 | Certificate of Trademark Registration

A registered trademark refers to the exclusive right to use a trademark relative... MORE

02.03.2020 | Amendment of Trademark applications and Registrations in Hong Kong

Amendment of Trademark applications Soon after submitting an application for tra... MORE

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